New Album Out Now !

Perish In The Light – marks Trevor Alguire’s 6th album bringing with it a maturity in songwriting seldom seen and rarely captured by only a select few of this countries most prolific well travelled veteran songwriters. Alguire draws from over a decade of touring across North America and Europe.  

With a star studded lineup of instrumentalists believing in his songwriting including PEI’s own Catherine MacLellan, who sings a haunting duet alongside Alguire titled My Sweet Rosetta worthy enough to stand the hair up on the back of your neck or bing a tear to your eye at first listen. With constant comparisons to early recordings of bands, Wilco and Blue Rodeo, renowned musician Bob Egan of said bands, also accompanies Alguire on this new recording with beautiful yet haunting pedal steel that drifts throughout several tracks only bringing these thoughtful words more weight and meaning. Miranda Mulholland adds timeless fiddle playing throughout while keys player Jesse O’Brien interweaves organ and piano magically like a subtle thread throughout adding depth to the pictures being drawn. 

Drop a needle on this album, dim the lights down low, and sit back as your mind travels through time with thoughts of past loves, lives lost and new hope found. Alguire has a story to tell, and with over 70 songs recorded in only a decade, this old soul travels through this world passionately sharing these stories with everyone he meets. All the while gathering and documenting these special moments and conversations while continuing his heart felt journey assured to leave in his wake a lifetime of precious stories told.